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Network & Internet setup

Connect to the internet, printer or network drive using a home or business network

With a Home or Small Business Network you can:

Share one Internet connection between several computers

  • Connect to the Internet or other PC's wirelessly
  • Share printers and files between computers
  • Manage backups in one location
  • Setting up your Internet and Email
  • Setting up and Securing your Wireless Router and WiFi network     
  • Troubleshooting Internet connection problems
  • Adding new computers to your existing Internet connection
  • Play games with friends using PS3,Xbox and  Wii from other countries


Need to secure your business premises, home? Why not install a state of the art digital CCTV system DVR (Digital Video Recorder) with hard-drive, day & night vision cameras, motion detection with email alerts. Remote access DVR from any where in the world providing internet access is available at client site.


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